Moth World Championships – Sailing Moth Hydrofoil Sailboats

Posted: July 7, 2008 in boat, boating, boats, sailboats, sailing
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Moth sailboats

Moth sailboat at the 2008 Moth World Championships by Thierry Martinez

The second day of the CST Composites 2008 Moth World Championships has been canceled due to too much wind with gusts between 30 and 40 knots continuing.

Sailors are getting extremely anxious after three days of not being able to get on the water and resorted to watching the movie Top Gun and running an impromptu seminar by boat manufacturers on the future development of the class.

The Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy race committee will re-assess the conditions for tomorrow.

Despite the last few days of sailing cancelled, Sam England (AUS), Clare Dallimore (GBR), Helen Rollinson (GBR), Katherine Knight (GBR) and Florence Beal (SUI) are the five female foilers in the event who are especially happy to be at the regatta.

The girls are looking forward to taking on the guys in the racing and think they can give them a run for their money.

Sam England (AUS): ‘It’s a physical boat to sail, but heaps of fun. Both the sailing and the social aspect of the class are better than most classes, and as long as your willing to put the time in, it’s a great class for female sailors because you don’t need to be heavy, just fit and have the skills.’

The moth class sailboat is as diverse in sailors (the youngest is 17 the oldest 65) as it is in boat designs. New boats coming on the market include a low cost entry level version of the Bladerider – the FX – and cut down sails have long been an option in high winds. Katherine Knight (GBR) has a 7 square metre KA sail that some of the guys are looking enviously at given the 40 knot winds.


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