Olympic Sailing Starts in Qingdao at the Beijing Olympics

Posted: August 10, 2008 in boat, boating, boats, Olympics, sailboats, sailing
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Beijing Olympics – The Olympic sailing teams sailing on the International Finn class sailing dinghy, and the Yngling have started racing in Qingdao.

Ben Aislie of Great Britain, Rafal Szukiel of Poland, Chris Cook of Canada, and Zach Railey of the US Olympic Sailing team in the lead on overall results on the Finn!

The “Yngling Girls” of Great Britain leading the Olympics on the Yngling sailing dinghy.

In first race of the Yngling class, Sally Barkow, Carrie Howe and Debbie Capozzi of the US Olympic sailing team sailed into a hole on the last lap and finished 14th out of 15 boats. This type of day could bring some sailors to hopeless frustration, but a cheery Howe explained they are confident in their talent and they have coaches and friends constantly telling them it’s going to be alright. This team has multiple world championship wins under their belts, and they know they are capable of major event wins. So they still could be in the running for Olympic Gold.

Read the full story at: Sailing at the Olympics – Finn Race Results

Ben Ainslie of the Great Britain Olympic Sailing Team

Ben Ainslie of the Great Britain Olympic Sailing Team



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