Virgin Money, the sailing yacht that will take Sir Richard Branson and his crew of 24 across the Atlantic represents the latest in sailboat technology.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money by Lemoncat

This is a photo of the Virgin Money yacht sailing in New York Harbor in September of 2008.

Launched in April 2008, this yacht took line honors in its maiden event, the Newport to Bermuda race in June 2008 under the name Speedboat. Virgin Money‘s next challenge will be to travel from New York to The Lizard Point, off south west England, aiming to become the quickest monohull sailing yacht to cross the Atlantic. The yacht is 99ft long, weighs 30.6 ton and has a maximum speed of 45 knots.

Read more about Speedboat (AKA Virgin Money):

  1. […] Virgin Money en gaat op weg naar Lizard Point in het zuidwesten van Groot-Brittannië. (AD en Virgin Money) Gepubliceerd door schipper op woensdag, 22 oktober 2008, om 17:40. Ingedeeld onder algemeen. […]

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