The 289-foot yacht Maltese Falcon is now sailing the San Francisco Bay. The Maltese Falcon is owned by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkins.  Tom had the yacht built in Turkey a little over two years ago.

Tom Perkins, who made millions in Silicon Valley, is also an author (“Sex and the Single Zillionaire,” a novel; and “Valley Boy,” a memoir). An admirer of fast cars and boats, Tom is also the former husband of mega-novelist Danielle Steel.

The Maltese Falcon at 289 feet long, is the largest privately owned yacht in the world. Maximum speed is 18.5 knots, and the vessel has a range of 3,000 miles at 14 knots.

The mega-yacht also has two smaller tenders, each one about 32 feet long, to take passengers ashore when it is anchored.

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon‘s sails are pretty unusual as well. Mounted on three unstayed masts made of carbon fiber, the yachts he sails furl and unfurl at the touch of a button. The Maltese Falcon has a crew of 20, , and accommodates 12 guests.

Tom Perkins apparently offered the Maltese Falcon for sale earlier this year for $169 million or so, but he has taken it off the market, and taken a partner.

Maltese Falcon in San Francisco by Jack French

Maltese Falcon in San Francisco by Jack French

Read more about the Maltese Falcon Yacht:

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    I am looking for poster sized images of the Maltese Falcon… on paper reproduction prints are fine. Anyone out there know how I can find such a print?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Embler Prosperi

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