A sailboat or sailing boat is a boat propelled in whole or in part by sails. The term sailboat covers a variety of boats. From large sailing tall ships, to tiny sailing vessels such as sailing dinghies.


The sailboat pictured above is a sloop, the most common sailboat type, which features one mast and two sails, a normal mainsail and a foresail. This simple sailboat configuration is very efficient for sailing towards the wind. The mainsail is attached to the sailboats mast and the boom, which is a spar capable of swinging across the boat, depending on the direction of the wind. Depending on the size and design of the foresail it can be called a jib, genoa, or spinnaker; it is possible but not common for a sloop to carry two foresails from the one forestay at one time (wing on wing). The forestay is a line or cable running from near the top of the mast to a point near the bow. In Bermuda, where a rig design influenced by the Lateen rig appeared on boats and came to be known as the Bermuda rig, a large spinnaker was carried on a spinnaker boom when running down-wind.

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