The leadership of the Vendée Globe swings back to Loick Peyron on Gitana Eighty as the leading boats enter the northern fringes of the Doldrums. Since Sunday night both Peyron and Jean Le Cam (VM Matériaux) have now lead five times apiece over the ten intermediate position schedules. Le Cam is now 22.5 miles behind the leader with Seb Josse (BT) in third. Speeds are widely different among the top boats as the breezes become more fickle. Relative gains are made heading south but the favored position to cross the Doldrums is in the west. Mike Golding sailing the yacht Ecover 3 remains top international skipper in eighth, but has conceded nearly 30 miles on the lead as he works for a position to the west. Dominique Wavre, SUI, (Temenos 2) rises to 13th

Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe


The Vendée Globe lead swings back and forth between Jean Le Cam (VM Matériaux) and Loick Peyron on Gitana Eighty as the Vendée Glob vanguard slows into the stifling uncertainty of the Doldrums. The top spot has been held five times each by Le Cam and by Peyron since early yesterday (Monday) morning, according to the published intermediate position reports.

Tonight the advantage line has swung back in favor of Peyron, as Le Cam – aided perhaps by his three soft toy ‘stowaways’ – Bibi the puffer fish, the Pink Panther, and Léon the hedgehog – makes his move back from the extreme easternmost position.

Le Cam has consolidated, coming west to be 55 miles east of Peyron’s navy blue hulled Farr design. VM Matériaux is now second again with a deficit now of 22.5 miles.

In the East North Easterly breeze the leading pack crabs south and west in steps towards the favoured crossing point to break through the sticky, light winds of the Doldrums.

The gains of second wave of three – Jean-Pierre Dick (Paprec-Virbac 2), Armel Le Cléac’h (Brit Air) and now Yann Elies (Generali) have now reduced – and behind them Mike Golding, GBR, the top international skipper with Ecover 3, has taken a painful 30 miles loss since the last report as he, too, tries to gain a more westerly position. Golding lies eighth.

But while the gains and losses may oscillate with the direction – South or West – that the leaders need to make, all are spending hours studying every the different meteorological files available to them as they seek to line up on the most pain free Doldrums route.

After a long hard night in the Vendée Globe, changing sail combinations in the more fickle breezes, anticipating the moves of their rivals, and trying to stay on top of the weather situation, it has been an equally difficult day. Heat and humidity on board the leading boats leave the skippers dripping with sweat. And tonight promises to be as long and tricky. No one wants to be separated from the pack as they work their way through the light, usually random winds.

“The Doldrums look quite active and difficult with the weather models not really coinciding, and so at this time it is important not to lose miles, because certainly the first to emerge always gets the advantage. I think it will be a slow crossing but from what I can see there should be breeze to get us through, even if it is slowly.” Said Ecover 3’s Mike Golding this morning.

Michel Desjoyeaux on Foncia, continues in the fast lane, working rapidly on a western course. After starting again two days after the leaders, he has gained more than 225 miles on the leaders, passing Britain’s Jonny Malbon (Artemis) to gain 18th place this afternoon.

Vendee Globe voices at sea

Séb Josse, in french (BT), 3rd at +38.7 miles: The sea is calm and I’m sailing at ten knots with the wind from astern… It’s better than last night, when I came to a standstill for a few hours. I had a lot of manoeuvres to do and a series of tacks. I was kept busy on the winches. We don’t really have the normal pattern of trade winds. They are already disturbed by the Doldrums. I think we should reach them tomorrow (Wednesday) late in the afternoon. But it’s not easy to be more precise, as the situation keeps changing with each satellite photo, between yesterday’s and this morning’s. In any case, we’ll all be arriving there at the same time. The routing programmes show us (the leading group) arriving at the Doldrums with only ten miles separating us.

Dee Caffari, Aviva:16th at + 345 miles “ I am getting there. Every day I get more confident. Aviva is doing a great job and I could not really ask her to do much more, now I just need to get her in the right place now.”“ I have to look at the bigger picture now, the short term gains look good for the day to day running, but it is a long way round the world and it is important for me to enter the Southern Ocean with a group of boats to race against, otherwise it is a very lonely place to be.” “ Sleep is more difficult because it is getting hotter and I am constantly thinking about if I have made the right decisions and am on the right sail plan.”

Michel Desjoyeaux, Foncia, 18th at +456.3 miles “I’m sailing permanently between 15 and 17 knots having found some wind that wasn’t really forecast. I was just about to hoist the spinnaker and in the end I had to sheet in the sails. Ahead it looks a real mess, and meanwhile, I’ve moved up a few places. It was about time the trend was reversed.”

Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe 2008 Skippers & Yachts

  1. Loick Peyron, Gitana Eighty, FRANCE
  2. Michel Desjoyeaux, Foncia, FRANCE
  3. Roland Jourdain, Veolia Environnement, FRANCE
  4. Jérémie Beyou, Delta Dore, FRANCE
  5. Jean-Pierre Dick, Paprec Virbac 2, FRANCE
  6. Jean Le Cam, VM Materiaux, FRANCE
  7. Samantha Davies, Roxy, GREAT BRITAIN
  8. Yann Eliès, Generali, FRANCE
  9. Arnaud Boissieres, Akena Verandas, FRANCE
  10. Marc Guillemont, Safran, FRANCE
  11. Rich Wilson, Great American III, USA
  12. Bernard Stamm, Cheminées Poujoulat, SWITZERLAND
  13. Dominique Wavre, Temenos, SWITZERLAND
  14. Derek Hatfield, Algimouss Spirit of Canada, CANADA
  15. Raphaël Dinelli, Fondation Ocean Vital, FRANCE
  16. Unai Basurko, Pakea Bizkaia, SPAIN
  17. Amel Le Cléac’h, Brit Air, FRANCE
  18. Sébastian Josse, BT, FRANCE
  19. Dee Caffari, Aviva, GREAT BRITAIN
  20. Norbert Sedlacek, Nauticsport-Kapsch, AUSTRIA
  21. Steve White, Spirit of Weymouth, GREAT BRITAIN
  22. Jonny Malbon, Artemis, GREAT BRITAIN
  23. Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty, Groupe Maisoneuve, FRANCE
  24. Vincent Riou, PRB, FRANCE
  25. Brian Thompson, Pindar, GREAT BRITAIN
  26. Mike Golding, Ecover 3, GREAT BRITAIN


Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe


Vendée Globe Rankings UPDATED

Updated  December 4 2008

  1. Sébastien Josse – BT
  2. Yann Eliès – Generali
  3. Loick Peyron, Gitana Eighty
  4. Jean-Pierre Dick, Paprec Virbac 2
  5. Roland Jourdain – Veolia Environnement
  6. Jean Le Cam – VM Matériaux
  7. Vincent Riou, PRB
  8. Mike Golding, Ecover 3
  9. Armel Le Cléac´h – Brit Air
  10. Michel DesjoyeauxFoncia
  11. Marc Guillemont – Safran
  12. Dominique Wavre – Temenos
  13. Brian ThompsonPindar
  14. Samantha DaviesRoxy
  15. Dee CaffariAviva
  16. Bernard Stamm – Cheminées Poujoulat
  17. Arnaud Boissières – Akena Vérandas
  18. Steve WhiteToe in the Water (Spirit of Weymouth)
  19. Jonny Malbon – Artemis
  20. Rich WilsonGreat American III
  21. Unai Basurko – Pakea Bizkaia
  22. Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty – Maisonneuve
  23. Derek Hatfield – Algimouss Spirit of Canada
  24. Raphaël Dinelli – Fondation Océan Vital
  25. Norbert Sedlacek – Nauticsport-Kapsch

See updated results here: Vendée Globe


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