Vendée Globe News: Malbon’s Hits Whale Sailing Artemis

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The Vendée Globe  is now sailing in the Roaring Forties, and speeding up in winds of 20-25 knots. Sébastien Josse sailing BT enjoyed his third full day at the top of the leaderboard, 37.7 miles up on Yann Eliès sailing Generali. Meanwhile Jonny Malbon sailed into a whale.

Vendée Globe

As places yo-yo with small gains and losses, Mike Golding, on Ecover 3 drops a place to ninth, less than a mile behind Jean Le Cam on VM Matériaux.

The speed and intensity among the leaders of the Vendée Globe it to be cherished and to be wary of, according to several skippers at the heart of the action today. As the places change among the top group – yo-yo’ing back and forth according to sail selection and trim, to small changes in wind angles – and how fresh the skipper is, it is still Seb Josse on BT who leads Yann Eliès (Generali) by 37.7 miles.

Josse admitted today that he was loving the speed and the intensity of the race while Loïck Peyron had re-charged his personal batteries with a two hour spell in his bunk not long after struggling to bring his gennaker back on board Gitana Eighty after it tumbled into the water and became temporarily trapped around the keel. Peyron confirmed that he will have to climb his mast at some point in the future to retrieve the halyard.

With about 350 miles to run east to the first ice gate, Josse has seen his lead expand and contract by a matter of 10 miles over the course of today, while Yann Eliès has been consistently quick with a more northerly track on Generali, although there is little to choose,  as Jean Pierre Dick (Paprec Virbac) has gained in the south to return to third place having earlier been down to sixth. But there is still just 40 miles between third and ninth.

On Ecover 3 Mike Golding (Ecover 3) has been paced by Jean Le Cam (VM Matériaux) who takes eighth place just now, with Golding ninth.

Jonny Malbon will do his best to put his recent problems behind him meantimes after damaging his starboard daggerboard in a collision with a marine mammal yesterday. The Artemis II skipper admitted that he will be compromised on his return up the Atlantic after rounding Cape Horn, but he is looking forward to a period of more settled sailing at speeds in the Southern Ocean.

Vendée Globe Rankings

December 2 2008

  1. Sébastien Josse – BT
  2. Yann Eliès – Generali
  3. Jean-Pierre Dick, Paprec Virbac 2
  4. Roland Jourdain – Veolia Environnement
  5. Loick Peyron, Gitana Eighty
  6. Vincent Riou, PRB
  7. Armel Le Cléac´h – Brit Air
  8. Jean Le Cam – VM Matériaux
  9. Mike Golding, Ecover 3
  10. Marc Guillemont – Safran
  11. Michel DesjoyeauxFoncia
  12. Dominique Wavre – Temenos
  13. Brian ThompsonPindar
  14. Samantha DaviesRoxy
  15. Dee CaffariAviva
  16. Arnaud Boissières – Akena Vérandas
  17. Bernard Stamm – Cheminées Poujoulat
  18. Jonny Malbon – Artemis
  19. Steve WhiteToe in the Water (Spirit of Weymouth)
  20. Rich WilsonGreat American III
  21. Unai Basurko – Pakea Bizkaia
  22. Raphaël Dinelli – Fondation Océan Vital
  23. Norbert Sedlacek – Nauticsport-Kapsch
  24. Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty – Maisonneuve
  25. Derek Hatfield – Algimouss Spirit of Canada



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