Armel Le Cléac’h crossed Vendée Globe the finishing line on Saturday 7th February at 08H41’35”GMT, after a net race time of 89 days 9 hours and 39 minutes 35 seconds of racing, taking into account the 11 hours redress given by the International Jury for his participation in the rescue of Jean Le Cam.  Sailing the sailboat Brit Air he completed the famous non stop solo round the world and was welcomed home by a spectator fleet out on the water enjoying the winter sunshine and braving the chill of the early morning.  At the age of 31, a newcomer to the Vendée Globe, he takes second place in this 6th edition 5 days 6 hours and 30 minutes behind the winner, Michel Desjoyeaux. His theoretical speed was 11.57 knots. Having sailed 27,233 miles, his real average speed was12.69 knots.  Armel Le Cléac’h clinched his second with tenacity, patience and prudence, a maturity shown which belies this being his first solo round the world race.

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Vendee Globe

Vendee Globe by Jacques Vapillon / DPPI / Vendée Globe

Vendee Globe Standings

For current standings visit the Vendee Globe Group.

  1. Michel DesjoyeauxFonciaWins the Vendée Globe
  2. Armel Le Cléac´h – Brit Air – Wins Second Place in the Vendee Globe
  3. Marc Guillemont –  Safran
  4. Samantha DaviesRoxy
  5. Brian ThompsonPindar
  6. Dee CaffariAviva
  7. Arnaud Boissières – Akena Vérandas
  8. Steve WhiteToe in the Water (Spirit of Weymouth)
  9. Rich WilsonGreat American III
  10. Norbert Sedlacek – Nauticsport-Kapsch
  11. Raphaël Dinelli – Fondation Océan Vital

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