French Commandos Free Hijacked Yacht from Pirates

Posted: April 10, 2009 in boat, boating, cruising, sailboats, sailing, yacht, yachts
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The sailing yacht Tanit, which was taken by pirates from Somalia last week with four adults and one child aboard has been freed by French Commandos. The three year old boy and three of the crew members were rescued from the pirates. One crew member and two of the pirates were killed during the rescue.

With this collateral damage some say the French botched the job. This is the third attack on a French yacht in Somalia during the past year, the third rescue operation by the French, and the first time a hostage has been harmed during one of these rescue operations. Whether President Nicolas Sarkozy made the right decision to attack the pirates and free the hostages is definitely up for discussion, but I ‘m glad I don’t have to make those types of decisions.

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