Princess TaiPing Chinese Junk Sailboat SINKS, CREW RESCUE

Posted: April 29, 2009 in boat, boating, boats, sailboats, sailing, yacht, yachting, yachts
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Princess TaiPing, a replica 16th century junk sailboat sank off Taiwan after a collision involving a large freighter. The  35-ton Princess TaiPing  junk boat sunk just a day short of completing a record trip across the Pacific and back.

Princess Taiping rescue. This photo taken by Taiwans Coast Guard shows the rescue of Captain Nelson Liu.

Princess Taiping rescue. This photo taken by Taiwan's Coast Guard shows the rescue of Captain Nelson Liu.

Helicopters and a coastguard ship rescued the Princess TaiPing’s 11 crew members (see Princess TaiPing photos and rescue videos here), who were clinging to the partially submerged junk sailboat around 30 miles off the island’s northeastern Suao port. The Princess TaiPing crew included six Americans, two Japanese, one Taiwanese and one Chinese crew member, who were all rescued.

The Princess TaiPing Chinese junk sailboat, is a replica of a Ming dynasty warship. The boat began its voyage from Taiwan’s northern Pisha port in June, sailing along a northern route to Japan and reaching San Francisco five months later after surviving several storms.

The voyage was part of Liu’s attempt with his supporters to verify a theory that 600 years ago China’s greatest admiral and explorer, Zheng He, had sailed to North America.

Princess Taiping photos, videos, and news: Junk Sunk – Princess Taiping Hit by Ship

  1. ladislao ortiz jr says:

    i am so sorry to hear of the way this expedition ended.I saw the ship when it was in San Francisco, California and was very impressed with the crew..I hope for the best..I did take some photos..

    • Angela Chao says:

      Dear Ladislao ,

      I’m the manager of Overseas section and crew member of Princess Taiping.

      Please contact with our skipper Nelson Liu and me, we are appreciate for you could send the photos of Princess Taiping to us.

      Thanks and best regards

      Princess Taiping
      Manager of Overseas section
      Angela Chao

      • Elizabeth Haycock says:

        So sorry to hear of the tragic end of the Princess TaiPing, such a courageous undertaking ~ to cross the ocean in a relatively small vessel, and to get so near to your destination.
        I’m glad that all crew members were rescued.
        I also have a photograph of the ship from when you were moored in San Francisco. If you would like a copy, please let me know details of where you’d like me to send it.

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