Puma Ocean Racing, dubbed the Boston hometown team due to their ties with the Massachusetts city, are pumped up and ready for the fifth In Port race of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09, to be held this weekend.



The first of two races to be held on Broad Sound, just outside Boston Harbor will start at 1300 local (1800 GMT). Conditions are forecast to be favourable and the Puma team will be gunning for much-needed points.

Currently sitting in third place overall on the leaderboard, the Puma team are just 0.5 points behind second-placed team Telefonica Blue. In front of a home crowd, the Puma team will be looking to secure top points for the day in order to overtake the Spanish entry. A maximum of four points can be earnt from the two short 50 minute races. In Port racing is designed to show off these incredible 70 foot racing machines to spectators both on the water and lining the shores of east Boston.

Sailing onboard il mostro for the In Port race will be Puma’s Ocean Racing team of Ken Read, Skipper; Andrew Cape, Navigator; Justin Ferris, Trimmer; Sidney Gavignet, Trimmer; Jerry Kirby, Bowman; Kimo Worthington, Main; Michi Mueller, Grinder/Sewer; Rob Greenhalgh, Tactician; Rob Salthouse, Pit; Casey Smith, Bowman; Shannon Falcone, Trimmer/Pit and Andrew Taylor, Grinder.

Skipper Ken Read (USA) commented: ‘Almost two years ago to the day, we announced our Puma Ocean Racing team programme and our intention to compete in this race, here in Boston. Almost exactly one year ago to the day, award winning actress Salma Hayek was here to christen our boat il mostro right here at the dock, and finally, this weekend we’re actually going to race here, in the waters of Boston. It’s been such a long journey to get to where we are, but we’re really looking forward to going out and doing what we do best, right here in Boston. It’s like home to us, with one of PUMA’s headquarters based just down the road; we hope we can put on a good show for all of Beantown this weekend.’

‘In terms of points,Telefonica Blue and Ericsson 4 are our two closest rivals, for sure we always have our eyes out on those two guys, but on Saturday we’ll be racing against the whole fleet – round the cans out there anything can happen.’

Following the In Port racing, the Puma Ocean Racing team will spend their final week in the States preparing for the start of leg seven from Boston to Galway, Ireland. Leg seven from Boston starts at 13:00 on Saturday May 16th.

  1. thomas says:

    wanted to study in Harvard college, so just checking out the city of Massachusetts to see its beauty.

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