Sailing with Outward Bound

Posted: May 21, 2009 in boat, boating, boats, cruising, sailboats, sailing, yacht, yachting, yachts
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Seven people on a little engine-less sailboat for a 2,500-mile voyage up the East Coast from Florida to Maine isn’t most people’s idea of a good time, but it is for the sailing Outward Bound folks. That’s what Greenwich resident Catherine Boysen has been doing since April 17 when she and 15 other Outward Bound instructors pushed off from a dock in Key Largo, Florida in a trip up to Spruce Head, Maine.

She and her fellow sailors were able to rest from the rigors of the sea Tuesday during a scheduled stop at Indian Harbor Yacht Club, where they welcomed residents aboard their vessels with brief sails around Greenwich Harbor. Boysen’s boat, as well as another vessel along for the journey, arrived 30 minutes after midnight Monday, and are now continuing their journey to Outward Bound’s Spruce Head campus, where they are scheduled to arrive June 6.

All of the sailors are instructors for Outward Bound, which offers wilderness programs to foster a love of the outdoors. It was founded during World War II in Scotland to train sailors to survive at sea.

The twin sailboats used on the trip are two of the six new 30-foot fiberglass vessels added to the Outward Bound’s fleet of small boats in the last two years. They each have two sails and six oars for the times where there is no wind, Boysen said. This trip is being used to test instructors in what can be harsh Atlantic coastal waters before the boats will be used for the organization’s nautical training exercises.


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