Sailing News Briefs

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Sailing news from around the world:

  • Disabled sailor Hilary Lister is sailing around Britain on her boat Me Too! Hilary Lister Wish her well! She is now sailing towards Newlyn.
  • Next America’s Cup will most likely be sailing in Valencia: DOGzilla in Spain?
  • Ocean rowing boat from Ocean Rowing Race washes up on shore in Guyana! It’s Rémy Alnet’s row boat!:
  • Roz Savage is all set for rowing alone across the Pacific ocean. Interview with Roz Savage: Roz Savage
  • Boating Tip: Electrolysis 101 – Guide for boats and yachts: Boat Electrolysis

Sailing Photo of the Day: America’s Cup Sialboats

Americas Cup

America's Cup

Stay tuned tomorrow for more sailing news from around the world.


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