Ostar 2009 – Spinnakers up, surfing down waves, kite destruction, the Ostar 2009 singlehanded yacht race is an exciting one for sure. Jan Kees Lampe sailing the boat La Promesse is sailing with a substantial lead in the Ostar fleet over her nearest rival Jbellino (Rob Craigie). And meanwhile Former leader of the IRC 2 Ostar fleet, Pip Hildesley is back in the race. Undeterred by the serious misfortune which struck her sailboat Casenove Capital on Friday. Pip replaced her lower shrouds in Ireland, and was allowed back in the Ostar where she is sailing along in a brave effort to catch up with the rest of the Ostar fleet. “I’m off to America. Second time lucky.” said Pip as she sailed off towards the USA.

Ostar 2009 Singlehanded Sailing

Ostar 2009 Singlehanded Sailing

The leaders in each class of the Ostar 2009 based on handicap are as follows based on the tracker information:
Penduick IRC 1
La Promesse Jan Kees Lampe (NED)
Jbellino Rob Craigie (GBR)
Pure Solo Hannah White (GBR)

Gypsy Moth IRC 2
Vijaya Huiib Swets (NED)
Fanfan Uwe Rottgering (GER)
Dinah Barry Hurley (IRL)

Jester IRC 3
Jager Dick Koopmans (NED)
British Beagle Marco Nannini (ITA)
Tamarind Mervyn Wheatley (GBR)

Eira IRC 4
Elmarleen Will Sayer (GBR)
Olbia Christian Chalandre (FRA)
Flamingo Lady Michael Collins (GBR)

Rob Cumming on the sailboat Egotripp, a 19 year old from Plymouth, is still in Falmouth trying to sort out his many boat problems including loss of power and a torn mainsail.

Ostar 2009 Retirements to date

  • Anne Caseneuve Croisieres Anne Caseneuve (FRA) Broken Rudder
  • Reini Gelder Light for the World (AUT) Broken Rigging
  • Jonathan Snodgrass Lexia (GBR) Chafed ropes
  • Paul Brant Ninjod (GBR) Cracked bulkhead
  • Jacques Bouchacout Okami (FRA) Not known

Read a great interview with Katie Miller, who is the youngest woman in the Ostar 2009 here: Katie Miller Interview – Youngest Woman Sailing Ostar

Stay tuned for more from the Ostar 2009 singlehanded Transat here at Sailboats and Sailing the World.

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