Sailing in the Finn World Masters

The Finn World Masters are now sailing in Maubuisson, France. Laurent Hay couldn’t maintain his unbeaten record on day three, but has managed to has extend his lead to seven points after another sunny day on the very tricky race course on the Lac de Carcans-Hourtin.

Laurent Hay, spoke of the regatta so far. “This is my second world Masters. Last year I finished 11th. My three wins have been very different. The first one was because the guys in front raced the wrong course. The second I won from the second third of the last beat and the third I was in front from start to finish. Today I was 80th at the top mark after taking too many risks on the left hand side instead of sailing more safely in the middle. I passed 50 boats on the reaches and some more on the other legs to finish 11th. The last race I was 12th at the top mark and finished second.” Laurent is from Paris, France where he regularly races in his Laser every Saturday. He competes in just five events in the Finn each year. “At 82 kg, I can perform up to about 12 knots but when the breeze reaches 15 it becomes a bit harder!”

Sailing Finn Class Sailboats

Sailing Finn Class Sailboats

The light wind at the Finn World Masters are certainly finding favor with the ‘older’ sailors here. At this point in the regatta, Jørgen Lindhardtsen is dominating the Grand Grand Masters Category in sixth place overall, though he picked up a 65th in race five. His nearest opposition is Jiri Outrata in 29th. The Legend category is being totally dominated by Walter Mai of Germany. At a youthful 73 years old, he is compiling an impressive series to lie 16th after five races. Mai was winner of the Finn World Masters in 1984.

The sixth and final qualification heats will be sailed Thursday, before the fleet is split into gold and silver fleets for Friday’s final race.

Finn World Masters Results after five races (top 30 from 264 entries)
1 FRA 75 Laurent HAY 5
2 CZE 1 Michael MAIER 12
3 GER 8 Jürgen EIERMANN 13
4 GER 711 André BUDZIEN 14
5 NED 780 Jan Willem KOK 24
6 DEN 208 Jørgen LINDHARDTSEN 24
8 FRA 7 Stephane ALEXIS 31
9 BUL 24 Mihail KOPANOV 32
10 NED 29 Bas DE WAAL 32

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