Volvo Ocean Race, Telefonica Blue Sailboat

Volvo Ocean Race, Telefonica Blue Sailboat

Volvo Ocean Race Sailboats Crashes onto the Rocks

Sweden – The Volvo Ocean Race yachts headed out for Stockholm on Sunday in leg nine of the round-the-world yacht race, but there was major drama as Spanish entry Telefonica Blue hit a rock as the boats left the port of Marstrand in Sweden. Telefonica’s keel became wedged in the rock as it was leading the stage less than two hours after the Volvo Ocean Race yachts set off on a 525-mile sprint to the Swedish capital. None of the crew were hurt and the boat was freed after some 90 minutes and taken back to port for repairs. It was a hard blow for Telefonica, which is in third place overall, just one point behind US entry Puma Ocean Racing.

Sweden’s Ericsson 4 has a 15-point advantage over the Puma yacht, and is expected to seal overall victory when the yachts reach Stockholm on Tuesday or Wednesday, A maximum of 20 points remain to be won for any of the boats in the two remaining stages and one in-port race. “It is a good position where we are, there’s no doubt about it, but we still have to keep racing the boat to Stockholm,” said Ericsson 4’s Brazilian skipper Torben Grael before the start of the leg. “It’s a nice leg for us, being a Swedish team, and we’re all looking forward to getting there.” Puma skipper Ken Read conceded that the only real battle was now for second place. “Second place is a big deal for us. The podium was always the goal for a single boat, start-up programme like Puma. It kills me to say this, but second place would be a hell of a result and something to be very proud of.”

The Volvo Ocean Race race, which began in Alicante, Spain in October, is to conclude in Saint Petersburg, Russia, late this month after negotiating 10 stages over 37,000 nautical miles.

Volvo Ocean Race Overall standings at start of leg 9:

  • 1. Ericsson 4 (SWE)/Torben Grael (BRA) 102.0 points
  • 2. Puma Ocean Racing (USA)/Ken Read (USA) 87.0
  • 3. Telefonica Blue (ESP)/Bouwe Bekking (NED) 86.0
  • 4. Ericsson 3 (SWE)/Magnus Olsson (SWE) 64.5
  • 5. Green Dragon (CHN/EIR)/Ian Walker (GBR) 59.0
  • 6. Telefonica Black (ESP)/Fernando Echavarri (ESP) 42.0
  • 7. Delta Lloyd (NED)/Roberto Bermudez (ESP) 35.0
  • 8. Team Russia (RUS)/Andreas Hanakamp (AUT) 10.5 (withdrawn from the race).

Read more about the accident, and see a photo of Volvo Ocean Race yacht Telefonica Blue on the rocks here: Telefonica Blue Sailboat on the Rocks

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