Alinghi America’s Cup Catamaran vs. BMW Oracle Trimaran

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Alingi, America's Cup, boat, boating, boats, sailboat, sailboat race, sailboats, sailing, sailing race
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Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America’s Cup Catamaran

America’s Cup defenders Alinghi have announced that they have chosen a giant catamaran to meet BWM Oracle’s America’s Cup multihull challenge boat BOR 90, more commonly known as DOGzilla.  The Alinghi sailing team says their new sailboat, a 90 foot carbon fiber catamaran, is the Swiss team’s response to the huge America’s Cup trimaran boat that the BMW Oracle sailing team launched last year.

The Alinghi America’s Cup catamaran was pictured inside a tent at the boatyard on Lake Geneva in western Switzerland where the boat is being rigged to launch around July 8, when a helicopter is due to airlift the America’s Cup boat into the nearby lake for sea trials. “This multihull is nothing like you’ve ever seen before in a big boat. It’s like a small boat but scaled up,” said team strategist Murray Jones. “It’s a highly finely tuned and engineered boat that’s light. It’s a piece of art.”

The America’s Cup catamaran includes a long fixed central boom for a headsail, and draws on some designs used for lake racing to allow a wide variation in the sail configuration and rigging. Keeping up the Alinghi team normal secrecy, the exact configuration of the new America’s Cup catamaran, were not revealed, but estimates for the height of the mast ranged from 48 to 50 metres.

Bankrolled by billionaires Ernesto Bertarelli and Larry Ellison respectively, Alinghi and Oracle are due to fight out their America’s Cup duel some time next year.

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

BMW Oracle America’s Cup Trimaran

In the meantime, on the US side, BMW Oracle’s modified America’s Cup trimaran launched back into the waters off the coast of California. The BMW Oracle sailing team did not say what modifaications had been made to its trimaran, which it first launched into the water in August 2008. “This is cutting-edge technology and sailing. We look forward to testing how fast is fast,” Oracle’s Australian helmsman James Spithill said in the statement. “We still have plenty to do to complete sea trials and be ready for the America’s Cup in February so every day counts. It is only seven months until the America’s Cup so we are now in the home stretch.”

Read more about the BMW Oracle America’s Cup Multihull (BOR 90): DOGzilla


  1. I would love to catch a glimpse of the Oracle practicing in San Diego. Can you give a time to catch a look at her sailing?

    Yours Truly, Katrina Dumais

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