iShares Cup Accident

iShares Cup Accident

Sailing Accident at the iShares Cup

Germany – The Ecover Extreme 40 capsized between races 3 and 4 during Day 1 of the iShares Cup in Kiel on Friday, when winds gusted above 20 knots. Crewman Bruno Dubois was taken ashore shortly after the capsize with a head injury, and was transferred to Universitaets Klinik Hospital for medical treatment. Bruno has been assessed by the medical team and has received treatment. Bruno received stitches and had a scan, he will be kept in overnight as a precautionary measure.

The Ecover Sailing Team have confirmed that the mast was broken.  With the help of a diver, the mast was cut away from the overturned boat, after which the boat and mast were towed back to the iShares Cup pitlane where they were lifted out. The team are assessing the damage and will work towards getting back out on the water.  It is not known whether it will be possible to race Saturday, especially as the team are currently a crewman down.

From Mike Golding: “He’s had a scan and is being kept in overnight as a precaution but otherwise he’s fine and he tells us he’s going to take up bowling so I think he’s well! It was a very quick capsize, the conditions had been very gusty and none of us were expecting to have a problem like that outside of the race course. We were between races and we had just boarded our guest and were heading back to the start area then a gust of pressure came in, fully downwind, both bows went in and we just pitchpoled very, very quickly.  All of us were in the water – even the experienced Extreme 40 guys were amazed at how fast the boat rotated. When we came up from under the net we saw Bruno had a serious head injury and were pretty shocked.  We’ll right the boat and we have a spare mast here so we will make an assessment of what’s here and try and get the boat back out on the race course.  We’re here to be on the race course so we want to get the programme back on track”.

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