America’s Cup Sailing News

Posted: December 29, 2009 in America's Cup, catamaran, sailboat, sailboat race, sailboats, sailing, sailing race, yacht, yacht race, yachting, yachts
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alinghi 5

alinghi 5

America’s Cup Sailing News

America’s Cup team BMW Oracle said Monday that the boat which Swiss defending champion Alinghi plans to use in their Deed of Gift duel slated for February does not meet the event’s nationality rules. The US team said in a statement that it intends to meet with the Swiss side “as soon as possible in an attempt to remove the question mark hanging over the legality of Alinghi’s yacht”.  According to Yachtpals, the Alinghi sails are from Nevada!

BMW Oracle’s America’s Cup team says they are prepared to give Alinghi “reasonable time to manufacture sails in Switzerland and take other remedial measures” during its upcoming meeting with its rival. The face-off between the two sides had been slated to start in the Spanish port of Valencia on February 8.  And the America’s Cup battle continues into 2010…

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