Jessica Watson Sailing Nearing Cape Horn

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Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson

16 year old Jessica Watson is gearing up for the most dangerous part of her solo round-the-world voyage.  The teenager is heading for the world’s most deadly stretch of sea, Cape Horn, relying solely on the headsail after suffering a problem with the mainsail.  Jessica Watson’s parents have flown to South America in the hope of catching sight of her as she rounds Cape Horn.

Cape Horn is notorious for strong winds, big waves, strong currents and icebergs. But despite admitting to being a “little bit on edge” because of the strong winds and cold, the Australian teenager is in good spirits and enjoying the challenging conditions. “The cabin temp has been sitting on 4C. The wind chill outside is really quite something. Handling wet lines on deck is just downright painful, but mostly I’m staying toasty warm in all my layers,” she said.

Jessica Watson is expected to reach Cape Horn early next week. If Jessica completes the trip around the world, she will become the youngest solo yachtsman to circumnavigate the globe.

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  1. Georgia Guy says:

    Read her blog again. Problem with the mainsail was a block problem and was easily fixed by Jessica when the waters calmed a bit so she could safely work on deck.

    So she is not attempting to make the Cape rounding with the headsail only.

  2. linny says:

    doesn,t look too cold by the photograph

  3. david rowe says:

    HI jessica,

    I am watching your progress each day from CABOOLTURE, QUEENSLAND.
    JUST keep on going and GOOD LUCK is on your side . david rowe .

  4. God bless, we pray for you and hope you are enjoying your voyage as much as we are.

    With love from two old great-grand-parents in Coff’s Harbour.

  5. Jessica is doing great a definite Ellen MacAuthur of the future.

    Would like to add your site as a friend of my site if you would be happy to do the same in return.

    Please have a look and let me know.

  6. Lots of Fair Winds and Following Seas…..

    Cape Coral, Fl….Sun, Sand & Water, a perfect blend for your business and pleasure.

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