America’s Cup Sailing Back into Court

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America's Cup

America's Cup

America’s Cup Sailing Back into Court

A legal dispute over the Alinghi sailing team’s adherence to the Deed of Gift requirement, which states competing boats must be built in the country of the yacht clubs they represent, surfaced after it was exposed that the America’s Cup catamaran Alinghi 5 is using sails which were made in America.

“Once again the Société Nautique de Genève [Alinghi’s yacht club] is showing total disregard for the Deed. First SNG claimed that sails were not part of the yacht. Then it claimed that Alinghi’s sails were built in Switzerland, not the USA. Now, SNG is saying that ‘constructed-in-country’ is not relevant until it announces its yacht for the Match.”

Alinghi and BMW Oracle held talks in Singapore on Tuesday and Wednesday to try and reach a negotiated settlement on the issue, but “no mutual agreement was reached,” according to the sailing teams.

The BMW Oracle sailing team will now returned to the New York Supreme Court to seek a resolution to the Constructed in Country dispute.

Alinghi and BMW Oracle have been arguing over the rules of the America’s Cup in court since Alinghi won the last edition of the event in Valencia in 2007.

Racing between the two America’s Cup teams is due to start in Valencia on February 8.



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