New Sailing Movie

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Zac Efron Sailing Movie

New Sailing Movie

High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron is a sailing fan, learning to sail for his new movie Charlie St. Cloud, which opens Friday. Efron plays Charlie, who gives up a bright future so he can keep a promise to the ghost of his kid brother.  It’s kind of a “Field of Dreams” meets “The Sixth Sense,” with some yacht racing thrown in.

When asked how this sailing movie project came his way, 22 year old Efron said: “I went and stayed the night on a sailboat with my dad. I brought one script to read and it just happened to be Charlie St. Cloud. It was so surreal. I didn’t know anything about the script or that it was a sailing movie. When I was reading through the racing scenes, the wind started to pick up and the boat started to rock, and I was like, Wow, this is . . . very obvious. It felt right.”

Charlie St Cloud Universal Pictures

Charlie St Cloud Universal Pictures

Efron says he learned to sail for the sailing movie. “I was in Vancouver two weeks prior to filming, and we sailed more or less every day. It was my first time actually sailing a boat. I’ve been on a sailboat, but I wasn’t crewing. It was a short duration to learn how to sail in, so we really got out quickly and capsized the boat a few times.”

“Sailing is sort of hard. You can’t just say ‘I’m going sailing this weekend’. There is a lot of preparation that goes into it.  You need to get a boat and a crew. It’s not like surfing where you just grab your board and go. But, I’d love to do it in the future. I’d like to go some long-distance sailing. I think that would be really fun. Me and my dad want to do that.”

Efron says his dream sailing destination is Hawaii: “The sail to Hawaii is supposed to be really fun. It takes about ten days to get there. That would be a big commitment. You’d need a pretty devoted crew. That would take weeks and then we wouldn’t want to leave the island for the big sail back. But somewhere with clear blue water would be really fun to sail.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know what type of boat it is that ‘charlie’ is sailing in this picture???

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