Sailing Couple from California Rescued from Sinking Yacht

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

A helicopter rescue team has saved the life of a couple who were sailing from San Diego, California to Bundaberg in Australia on their private yacht.

It was Saturday night, when the 45-year-old man and 30-year-old woman intended to land the vessel in Bundaberg noticed that their yacht was torn and it started drifting off-course considerably. They tried a lot to avoid the reef, but because of the sea current, they were pushed onto it. As soon as the mast of the yacht broke, it hit the reef and started sinking.

The couple sailors had all the relevant safety equipment and were well aware about the measures to be taken in such circumstances. And this helped them save their own lives.

They somehow notified the authorities and when the rescue team reached their, they found the couple sailing on a lifeboat 2 km away from the vessel. Presently, they are out of danger and have been given a clean bill of health from medical staff.

According to RACQ Capricorn crewman Matthew Brandon the sailors were happy to see their rescuers on Sunday morning, but even then they managed to remain calm in the trying circumstances. He told “They said they’d been out there for two hours by that stage and I think the gravity of the situation had really started to sink in”.


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