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33rd Americas Cup

33rd Americas Cup

Valencia, Spain — The opening race of the 33rd America’s Cup Deed of Gift match between Alinghi and BMW Oracle off the east coast of Spain was canceled on Wednesday due to rough seas. This is frustrating America’s Cup fans as this happened just two days after race one of this best of three showdown was postponed for the first time due to weak winds. This is causing some sailing fans to ask why these million dollar America’s Cup boats are so fragile, as every sailor knows even a cheap beach cat could have raced in conditions found in Valencia today.

America’s Cup race director Harold Bennett said the waves of more than two metres in the race area some 25 miles off the port of Valencia would be unsafe for the giant multihulls fielded by US team Oracle and defending Swiss champion Alinghi.  “These are different boats than what we are normally used to. With conditions like today, I am not sure they would have done terribly well,” he said.

Guess they don’t build America’s Cup boats like they use to!

The race – 20 nautical miles upwind and 20 back – is now set to be held on Friday, the next scheduled racing day, in accordance with the rules of the 159-year-old event, sailing’s oldest and most prestigious trophy.

The America’s Cup has traditionally been run in monohulls but this year for the first time both sides will sail multihulls that can sail at three times the speed of the wind. Alinghi’s giant catamaran, the Alinghi 5, and Oracle’s equally large trimaran, the USA, are the biggest, fastest and most expensive entries in the event’s history.

As opposed to Monday when both teams agreed with Bennett’s decision to cancel the race, this time around Alinghi backed the move while Oracle, whose boat is thought to have an edge in strong winds, opposed it. “We were more than happy with those conditions, those waves,” said Oracle’s Australian helmsman James Spithill, adding his side had already sailed under similar conditions in San Diego.

Bennett’s decision to cancel Wednesday’s race revived the debate over the impartiality of the Societe Nautique de Geneve, which Alinghi represents, and which is charged with organizing the 33rd America’s Cup. Bennett defended his impartiality, saying he was employed by the International Sailing Federation to oversee the competition.

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Alinghi 5

The 33rd America’s Cup has been a long time coming, but after two years of litigation between Alinghi and BMW Oracle the Deed of Gift match between two of the world’s most extreme multihulls is about to take place.

Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi team president, speaking at the press conference on Friday evening praised his team: “The nice thing is that for the last 10 years I’ve been sailing with the same people and that has been very important to the whole experience. Three campaigns with almost the same group make each day more interesting and more rewarding. The fact that the heart of the team has been the same since the very, very beginning makes this America’s Cup campaign rewarding and I wouldn’t be here today without all the members of the Alinghi team. I’ll be helming but I’ll be sharing the helm with Loïck Peyron. Neither of us would be able to do our job without the other guys onboard and the team ashore.”

The Alinghi America’s Cup team has designed and built Alinghi 5, a 90ft catamaran on load waterline that spans 110ft overall, with a mast that towers more than 17-storeys above the sailors and settles on a foundation the size of a tennis ball. The boat has taken approximately 100,000-man-hours to build and is deeply rooted in the multihull heritage that Switzerland is so well-known for. “Designing and building Alinghi 5 has been a huge ask in such a short timeframe, and the guys on the design and shore team have done an extraordinary job in giving us this boat. Our opponent is formidable, BMW Oracle has a very good sailor in James Spithill and their boat is a credit to their design team. I speak for all of us on the sailing team when I say we are looking forward to racing and getting the sport back on the water where it belongs,” said team skipper and four-time America’s Cup winner, Brad Butterworth.

America’s Cup racing is scheduled to start on Monday, with a first race warning signal at 10:00 local time in Valencia, Spain.

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America's Cup

America's Cup

America’s Cup Sailing Back into Court

A legal dispute over the Alinghi sailing team’s adherence to the Deed of Gift requirement, which states competing boats must be built in the country of the yacht clubs they represent, surfaced after it was exposed that the America’s Cup catamaran Alinghi 5 is using sails which were made in America.

“Once again the Société Nautique de Genève [Alinghi’s yacht club] is showing total disregard for the Deed. First SNG claimed that sails were not part of the yacht. Then it claimed that Alinghi’s sails were built in Switzerland, not the USA. Now, SNG is saying that ‘constructed-in-country’ is not relevant until it announces its yacht for the Match.”

Alinghi and BMW Oracle held talks in Singapore on Tuesday and Wednesday to try and reach a negotiated settlement on the issue, but “no mutual agreement was reached,” according to the sailing teams.

The BMW Oracle sailing team will now returned to the New York Supreme Court to seek a resolution to the Constructed in Country dispute.

Alinghi and BMW Oracle have been arguing over the rules of the America’s Cup in court since Alinghi won the last edition of the event in Valencia in 2007.

Racing between the two America’s Cup teams is due to start in Valencia on February 8.



Sailing News

alinghi 5

alinghi 5

America’s Cup Sailing News

America’s Cup team BMW Oracle said Monday that the boat which Swiss defending champion Alinghi plans to use in their Deed of Gift duel slated for February does not meet the event’s nationality rules. The US team said in a statement that it intends to meet with the Swiss side “as soon as possible in an attempt to remove the question mark hanging over the legality of Alinghi’s yacht”.  According to Yachtpals, the Alinghi sails are from Nevada!

BMW Oracle’s America’s Cup team says they are prepared to give Alinghi “reasonable time to manufacture sails in Switzerland and take other remedial measures” during its upcoming meeting with its rival. The face-off between the two sides had been slated to start in the Spanish port of Valencia on February 8.  And the America’s Cup battle continues into 2010…

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America's Cup Boat Alinghi 5

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has appointed an International Jury for the 33rd America’s Cup which the BMW Oracle sailing team calls “highly qualified. ” The team stated that they “are pleased that it includes the members of the Expert Panel to which Justice Kornreich referred the five technical questions. The Panel’s recommendations were confirmed by Justice Kornreich in her recent decision. With the Jury’s appointment we expect that the remaining rules issues, including revision of the Société Nautique de Geneve (SNG)-ISAF agreement and the draft Notice of Race, will be quickly resolved consistent with the Court’s decisions and orders, and in accordance with normal – and fair – yacht racing rules and procedures. ”

Meanwhile, Ernesto Bertarelli is saying he would, “push for Ras al Khaimah to host the 34th staging of the America’s Cup if they defend their title next year.” Should Alinghi win the America’s Cup sailing trophy for a third time in the port city of Valencia – where the series will be held if the New York Supreme Court dismisses Alinghi’s appeal – then Ernesto Bertarelli and his team will again nominate the United Arab Emirates as host of their next defense. Read more about this in the The National.

See a great sailing video of the two America’s Cup boats (Alinghi 5 and BOR 90) here: Video of America’s Cup Boats

Extreme Sailing Series

Extreme Sailing Series by Guy Nowell OC Events

Extreme Sailing Series

Extreme 40 catamarans are racing in Hong Kong at the inaugural Extreme Sailing Series Asia. Day 2 of the events saw the six  challenged in a shifty 4-12 knot wind, as they raced just metres from the shoreline on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

It was BT who controlled the fleet, taking a hat-trick of wins to head up the top of the leaderboard with 50 points. Just two points off the pace was the European Series champions, Oman Sail’s Masirah, with 48 points. Newcomers to the Extreme 40 fleet, Red Bull Extreme Sailing Team, are lying in third with 33 points.

Tan Wearn Haw, who is racing onboard the home nation’s China Team, commented: “This is the first time the Extreme 40s have arrived in Hong Kong and I feel very excited about that. We are going to Singapore soon and I feel this is a very good opportunity to show this new type of sailing to a new generation in Asia.”

In the afternoon, 20 local children were given the chance of a lifetime when they had the opportunity to sail onboard three of the Extreme 40s in the fleet. A group of six children stepped onboard Rumbo Almería, skippered by double Olympic gold medallist, Shirley Robertson.

“That was brilliant fun,” said Callum Gregor, aged 10. “The racing has been really exciting to watch and, before today, I thought I wanted to be a 49er sailor but now after seeing these boats, I want to skipper an Extreme 40 just like Shirley.”

The children spent an hour racing around the harbour and sailed the boats themselves, taking the helm and the winches. “It’s great to give the young kids the chance to sail with us – I think some of them will be challenging us in the near future,” said Robertson.

Sunday the six Extreme 40s take part in the Around the Island Race, when a fleet of over 200 sail boats will race around Hong Kong Island. The Extreme 40s are anticipated to complete a fast circumnavigation, possibly even taking line honours and will start at 0940. The current record in the ‘all multihulls’ class is held by Atmosphere, when it completed the circuit in two hours, 44 minutes and 37 seconds.

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Ras Al Khaimah America's Cup Sailing Venue

Ras Al Khaimah America's Cup Sailing Venue

America’s Cup Skipper Says RAK Venue Doesn’t Comply

The proposed sailing venue in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, is no more of a legitimate America’s Cup venue than the Colorado River or Walden Pond would be, says the American challenger BMW Oralce in its latest court filing in a long, bitter legal battle with defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland.

Safety concerns aside, the BMW Oracle sailing team said the Swiss choice of Ras al-Khaimah doesn’t meet the stipulations of the 19th-century Deed of Gift that governs sailing’s marquee event and the U.S. club is attempting to get the New York State Supreme Court to reject RAK as the port for the best-of-3 showdown beginning Feb. 8 in giant multihulls, and have it staged in Valencia instead.

Although GGYC and its sailing team, BMW Oracle Racing, have raised “grave safety concerns” about a giant, American-flagged trimaran racing within several miles of Iran, the Americans are asking the court to decide the issue based on stipulations in the 1887 Deed of Gift.

Justice Shirley Kornreich has scheduled a hearing for Oct. 27 on the venue issue and an ongoing rules spat. Her court holds jurisdiction over America’s Cup legal conflicts. Alinghi and its backing club, Societe Nautique de Geneve (SNG), have argued that a court order from April 7 gives them the right to host the racing in Valencia or any other location. The Swiss announced in early August their choice of RAK, the emirate nearest Iran. GGYC counters in a reply memorandum filed late Monday that the Deed of Gift prohibits racing in the Northern Hemisphere from Nov. 1-May 1.

Although Valencia is in the Northern Hemisphere, neither side objected earlier in the court fight to holding the rare head-to-head showdown in Valencia. The Spanish port hosted the 2007 America’s Cup, which Alinghi won over Team New Zealand.

GGYC said in its filing that SNG argues that the April 7 order is unambiguous and means exactly what it says, that the match can be held in Valencia or “any other location selected by SNG.”

“In fact, however, as SNG effectively concedes, the order cannot be taken so literally,” GGYC attorney David Boies wrote. “Not even SNG believes that it can select the Colorado River or Walden Pond for the America’s Cup, which is what the literal words would imply, because SNG acknowledges that it cannot select a venue that is not on an ocean course or free of headlands. Given that the literal meaning cannot apply, the order must be interpreted consistent with the Deed of Gift. Accordingly, it means that SNG may select Valencia or any other venue that is permitted by the Deed of Gift.”

Boies also wrote that the court need not agree with GGYC that the Swiss have subjected the American syndicate to unnecessary danger by selecting RAK. “Nevertheless, GGYC has offered evidence of the serious safety concerns presented by SNG’s selection of Ras al-Khaimah to demonstrate the necessity of bringing the present motion to enforce the terms of the Deed of Gift.”

Alinghi and Ras al-Khaimah officials have said the emirate is capable of the security and infrastructure needed to host the America’s Cup. That hasn’t swayed the Americans. Last week, GGYC told SNG it is considering filing a complaint with New York courts on the grounds of breach of fiduciary duty, in part because of the selection of RAK as the America’s Cup venue.

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Americas Cup Boat in RAK

America's Cup Boat Alinghi 5 in Ras al-Khaimah

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