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Star of India

Star of India by Star Isle

The Tall Ship Start of India in San Diego, California.


This photo of Tall Ships sailing in France shows a fleet of magnificent tall ships sailing off Brest, with the French national flag flying in the foreground. Whether you love France or not, it sure does make your heart go pitty pat!

Sailing in France

Sailing in France by Franck Prevel

Sailing a Tall Ship

Sailing a Tall Ship by Graham and Diarne

A traditional sailing Tall Ship.

sailboatsSailing toward a better future – The French are once again shipping their wines under sail! Frederic Albert, owner of the ship. says that shipping 60,000 bottles of wine by sail will save 18,375 pounds of carbon. Every bottle transported by the Belem will be labelled: “Carried by sailing ship, a better deal for the planet”

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