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America's Cup Boat Alinghi 5 Flying to Italy

America's Cup Boat Alinghi 5 Flying to Italy by Carlo Borlengi

America’s Cup News – One Big Publicity Stunt?

Alinghi says the 33rd America’s Cup, the challenge between the Alinghi and BMW Oracle sailing teams, will be held in the Kingdom of Ras Al-Khaimah, not in Spain as most expected. This decision struck us as strange, and we went diving for our atlas, and searching the Internet to find information about the little country. What we found was shocking, and made us wonder why Alinghi would choose this location for the next America’s Cup.

On the human rights scale, the UAE overall and Ras Al-Khaimah in particular are considered by most standards to be on the low end.  As the UAE is a loose federation of tribal monarchies, democracy does not exist.  Freedom of the press, freedom to criticize the rulers and the government, freedom of (or from) religion, legal rights (particularly women’s, children’s), and many of the other freedoms most watchdog groups find minimal standards are simply not available. So, why would Alinghi want to bring the America’s Cup to Ras Al-Khaimah? Read more about this question at America’s Cup = Bad Publicity?

On a lighter note, after two weeks of sea trials on Lake Geneva, the Alinghi America’s Cup boat Alinghi 5 was hoisted off the Lake today, and lifted over the Alps to the sea. Alinghi 5 was secured in a cradle of ropes, and lifted by the world’s most powerful helicopter, a Russian MI-26 military transporter. Flying along the Rhone river valley, the America’s Cup boat followed the Great St. Bernard Pass across the Alps before a scheduled refueling stop at Biella, Italy. The operation lasted 5 hours, 15 minutes, ending at the Yacht Club Italiano.

The Alinghi 5 catamaran will now spend four weeks based near its boatyard at Le Bouveret to Genoa on Italy’s Mediterranean coast, and is expected to be seen around the area performing sea trials. “We have had a very good initial trial period on the lake,” said skipper Brad Butterworth. “In Genoa, with a bit more sea room, we will be able to stretch Alinghi 5’s legs.”

Meanwhile BMW Oracle Racing continues testing its trimaran BOR 90 in San Diego, California.

By Sailing the World

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Alinghi Catamaran by Bruno Cocozza/Alinghi

Alinghi Catamaran by Bruno Cocozza/Alinghi

Alinghi Launches America’s Cup Catamaran

Villeneuve, Switzerland – The Alinghi sailing team has launched their new America’s Cup catamaran.  The 90 foot multihull sailboat was lifted out of the boat tent where it was built by a helicopter onto Lake Geneva, where eager boaters watched the boat hit the water for the first time.

The sailing team says the Alinghi 5 catamaran represents a first step in the development process towards the 33rd America’s Cup, and the team will now focus on preparing it to sail over the coming weeks. Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi team president, who was present for the boat christening said: “As a passionate multihull sailor I am extremely excited to see Alinghi 5 launched and for the next stage of this campaign to begin: over the coming weeks and months the team will work towards defending the 33rd America’s Cup next year. The team has done an excellent job to make this happen; we are all looking forward to going sailing now.”

About the Alinghi America’s Cup Boat:
Boat type: Catamaran of carbon composite construction
Catamaran built: Alinghi Villeneuve + Décision Corsier, Switzerland
Catamaran length waterline: 90ft

See more photos and read more about the new America’s Cup boat: Alinghi’s New America’s Cup Boat

More Sailing News

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America’s Cup Catamaran

America’s Cup defenders Alinghi have announced that they have chosen a giant catamaran to meet BWM Oracle’s America’s Cup multihull challenge boat BOR 90, more commonly known as DOGzilla.  The Alinghi sailing team says their new sailboat, a 90 foot carbon fiber catamaran, is the Swiss team’s response to the huge America’s Cup trimaran boat that the BMW Oracle sailing team launched last year.

The Alinghi America’s Cup catamaran was pictured inside a tent at the boatyard on Lake Geneva in western Switzerland where the boat is being rigged to launch around July 8, when a helicopter is due to airlift the America’s Cup boat into the nearby lake for sea trials. “This multihull is nothing like you’ve ever seen before in a big boat. It’s like a small boat but scaled up,” said team strategist Murray Jones. “It’s a highly finely tuned and engineered boat that’s light. It’s a piece of art.”

The America’s Cup catamaran includes a long fixed central boom for a headsail, and draws on some designs used for lake racing to allow a wide variation in the sail configuration and rigging. Keeping up the Alinghi team normal secrecy, the exact configuration of the new America’s Cup catamaran, were not revealed, but estimates for the height of the mast ranged from 48 to 50 metres.

Bankrolled by billionaires Ernesto Bertarelli and Larry Ellison respectively, Alinghi and Oracle are due to fight out their America’s Cup duel some time next year.

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

Alinghi America's Cup catamaran

BMW Oracle America’s Cup Trimaran

In the meantime, on the US side, BMW Oracle’s modified America’s Cup trimaran launched back into the waters off the coast of California. The BMW Oracle sailing team did not say what modifaications had been made to its trimaran, which it first launched into the water in August 2008. “This is cutting-edge technology and sailing. We look forward to testing how fast is fast,” Oracle’s Australian helmsman James Spithill said in the statement. “We still have plenty to do to complete sea trials and be ready for the America’s Cup in February so every day counts. It is only seven months until the America’s Cup so we are now in the home stretch.”

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Ishares Cup Catamaran Racing by Gilles Martin-Raget

Ishares Cup Catamaran Racing by Gilles Martin-Raget

iShares Cup in Hyeres

With a week to go until Hyères welcomes the return of the iShares Cup sailing fleet – and if last year’s event is anything to go by it will be another jaw-dropping display of Extreme 40 sailing action. Round 2 of the 2009 iShares Cup will take place between 3rd to 5th July at the Mediterranean venue famous for its Mistral conditions. All eyes will be on current leaders Gitana Extreme – Groupe LCF Rothschild… The all-French team finished first or second in 12 of the 17 races to take Round 1 in Venice. But with very different conditions expected for Hyères, will they be able to repeat the performance?

Yann Guichard commented: “In Hyères I’m expecting all the various kinds of conditions possible! At this time of year, we can hope for some stiffer winds on the Var region’s race zone, and perhaps with some added thermals picking up in the middle of the day. I know the race zone well, as does Pierre Pennec, because we’ve often sailed here during the French Olympic Sailing Week (SOF). This time though it will be different as we’re going to be racing right next to the harbour wall, which will be a big first. This can change a lot of things so we’re going to have to get our bearings again.

“Our victory in Venice was reassuring, however, we remain clear-headed and we’ll be starting from scratch again in Hyères – it’s a very different race! From my point of view, there are five teams that stand out and all of them are in with a chance of winning the second leg of the circuit. If I had to name one team in particular it would be the runner-up in Venice – BMW ORACLE Racing. James Spithill and his men are versatile and if the three days of racing are disputed in breezy conditions, they’ll certainly be very strong. It promises to be exciting.”

In response America’s Cup BMW ORACLE Racing skipper, James Spithill, commented: “We have been hearing only good things about what to expect from conditions at Hyères so looking forward to a bit more breeze than Venice. Although with the Extreme 40s we have discovered it doesn’t take much to get the hull flying for some exciting racing. This will be our first time at Hyères so a new challenge.”

Behind the two leaders there are another eight hugely talented teams capable of causing an upset. Among the four French skippers looking for a home-win are Groupama 40’s helm Franck Cammas, Erik Maris on LUNA, and Oman Sail Renaissance skipper Loick Peyron. Then there’s Oman’s Masirah, who took third at Venice, whilst BT, iShares and Holmatro have all been putting in plenty of practice in Hyères. Another legendary catamaran sailor also joins BT for the Round 2 of the iShares Cup… Extreme 40 class co-creator Mitch Booth standing in for an injured Darren Bundock as BT skipper Nick Moloney explained: “Darren has been very difficult to replace but we have managed to replace an 11-times World Champion with a 10-times World Champion – a stroke of luck on our part!”

Hyères is renowned for the famous Mistral breeze, a steady wind which blows offshore and can produce some exhilarating sailing conditions. The 2008 iShares Cup saw some spectacular hull-flying conditions, capsizes and dramatic recoveries, as the iShares Cup teams fought to control the powerful Extreme 40s. After the inland waterways of Venice, the iShares Cup teams will now be racing on the stunning turquoise seas off Hyères.

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beach cat

It took Vittorio Malingri just 13 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes to sail 2,545 miles from Dakar, Senegal to Guadeloupe, Antilles. This Italian sailor didn’t make the crossing in your average boat however, he made the crossing single handed aboard Royal Oak, a 20 foot beach cat!

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gitana13Gitana 13 is about to set another world sailing record San Francisco to Japan on a maxi-catamaran sailboat.

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america's cupThe lawyers play games in the courtroom, full timeline of the America’s Cup legal battle.  Meanwhile, the sailors continue to train for the next America’s Cup. Responses from sailing crews on the America’s cup sailboats. Amazing photos of the latest America’s Cup sailboats sailing.

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